Camera Floats

What is the maximum weight that this will float?
Each strap is made to float any item that weighs 7 ounces or 200 grams.

Will this work with the GoPro HERO4 silver? 
Yes, the floats will work with the GoPro Hero 4. There are a few different ways of attaching them to the waterproof housing. One of the ways are below:

1. Loop the tether around one mounting finger of the camera housing.
2. Fix the housing to the quick-release with a thumbscrew.

Is there a way to order pink and yellow?
Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of packaging and since Amazon is in charge of our shipping and order handling. We can't physically repack our orders due to this.


Hand Strap

Would this work with a Sandisk flash drive?
This should work with any device that has a loop or hole to pass a small cord through.

How exactly would I attach this to a Samsung Note phone? It appears that you need some kind of hole to loop the thin part through?
Use some kind of case for your phone. Most of them have holes for you to loop the string through. The case will, of course, further protect your phone from scratches/drops, etc.


GoPro Handlebar Mount

What are they made of?
The black parts are made of high-quality plastic material while the rest are made of iron-nickel plating.

Does this work on a motorcycle?
Yes, but the handlebar mount only fits handlebars (or seat posts) that are within 0.44" to 1.38" diameter.

Does it work for a Greek Pro as well?
It looks like it is similar to the other aftermarket cameras such as SJ4000, SJ5000, etc and all of those SHOULD work with the GoPro accessories.

GoPro Adhesive Mounts

Will these work with Hero 3+?
They work with Hero 3 and 4.

Are these reusable?
No, they're not.


GoPro Chest Mount

Does this fit the Hero 3+ Silver?
Yes, it does.

Is this compatible with "off-brand" DV cameras? I have a "Sports HD DV 1080p H264."
This mount will only work with the GoPro Series of camera.

I am looking for a harness to use with my Cannon PowerShot. Will this one work?
Our chest mount may work on your Cannon PowerShot, given that you have the correct camera mount adapters.

My camera pushes down when I'm doing bumpy activities. What can I do?
Try to remove the o-ring/washers to have a tighter fit when you tighten the thumb screws. This should give you a more stable position for your camera when you're doing bumpy activities


GoPro Head Strap

Are the plates made of metal or plastic?
It is made of a hard plastic.

Do you need a remote control to use with this head strap?
It's not necessary, but it's much easier to use with a remote control.

Is this strap good for using under water?
Yes, it is.

What is the anti-design made of?
The anti-slip portion of the band is made of latex rubber.


GoPro Camera Tethers

What is the diameter of the mounting disks?
The diameter of the mounting disks is from 3.9 to 4 centimeters 

Will these tethers fit through the hinge in the Hero 4 Silver case?

What is the tether string made out of?