About Us

It was 2013. Henrik (our founder) was exploring one of the enthralling and majestic seas of the Pearl of the Orient (the Philippines), just having an amazing time. Then... one unexpected event made his perfect adventure a little less perfect. On that boat ride, he accidentally dropped his action camera into the water.

This made him wonder, "What if there was a way to prevent our gadgets from getting to the bottom of the sea, never to be found again?"

The following string of thoughts is what gave birth to an amazing innovation – Nordic Flash's waterproof camera floats! It was a Eureka moment!

And since then, our team has been busy turning mishaps into happily ever afters by crafting and building camera and action camera accessories that will help you enjoy your adventure even more. From our camera floats, we then introduced our GoPro chest mounts, and camera tethers, head strap, handlebar mount and adhesive mounts. Each and every one of these items were carefully crafted to let you chase your adventures without worrying about any camera mishaps.

Here at Nordic Flash, you're guaranteed to keep every moment that you capture!