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Camera Floats -My Go To Camera Strap

This is my go to camera strap. Every underwater camera I own has this strap. I've even gifted this strap on my niece's underwater camera. The strap has held up after many trips through saltwater, chlorine, etc. I've had mine for years and this set went on hubby's underwater camera. I searched specifically for this strap and he requested it. Every snorkeler we have run across has asked about this strap, I let them know how well it works. It has never failed me at any depth. It's my security blanket for my camera.

- Laura Neal

Adhesive Mounts - Great buy!

I've used these Nordic Flash Adhesive Mounts before and was just increasing my on-hand stock to be sure I had plenty for the various GoPro applications. The mounts are excellent quality and the adhesive pads bond superbly. I took a hard tumble from my bike while wearing my helmet with the GoPro mounted using a Nordic mount and the camera remained attached nicely.

- wbstrick

Camera Tethers - Useful Tethers

In Open Road Racing events, the Tech Inspectors want you to tether anything that can break loose and cause havoc in the cockpit; e.g., your video camera, your GPS, your navigator, etc. So these little camera tethers come in handy to pass Tech. They're easy to use because the strings are unattached until you thread them through the mountings at each end. Nice.

- Silkrip

Chest Mount - Great Harness and Great Quality

Great harness! I've had this product for about a year now and it's traveled with me on a lot of adventures. I love using it while hiking, walking downtown, etc. The footage does tend to be a bit shaky when you use this, but it's to be expected when using harness like this since it's so close to your body and can pick up your bodies movements. That doesn't bother me though, because I get tons of shots on tons of different mounts, tripods, etc. this harness just gives another different perspective when filming and is a nice piece to add to your GoPro equipment. As far as the quality of the product, it's honestly probably close to one of the best off market GoPro products i've gotten off Amazon. I love that the screws are aluminum and not plastic. I feel like my camera is more secure when I use this harness than any other i've used with this camera. I would highly recommend.

- James

Handlebar Mount - They got it right!

Very nice! Appear to be at least as good as Gopro original stuff, but... this mount secures very well. My original equipment requires me to "wench down" hard and still sometimes slip under extreme conditions. (We use the cam on ATVs, sledding, boating, etc.) This mount screws down easily and "HOLDS" fast... then releases easily. I feel it is better than Gopro original. I think they got it right!

- Thomas M. Crump

Head Strap - Great product. It is high quality and does as ...

Great product. It is high quality and does as promised. I was concerned about the quality of the materials given the price range. But I was definitely not disappointed. We took it on a trip and it worked very well. The materials were high quality, they did not feel cheap. I would definitely buy another product made by Nordic Flash and would recommend this product if you're looking for a Go Pro headstrap mount.

- DW

Hand Strap - Light but very secure camera leash

This lanyard is light, but well put together. It installs easily on my two different Olympus m43 cameras. I like the muted colors; it replaces a thicker braided lanyard in electric green color that I found bulky to use and, for me, an unpleasant color. This lanyard has a thinner, more flexible strap with an adjustable clasp to tighten it around the wrist, if so desired. It is a good value and I recommend it.

- F. T. Sobol